Plans Updates & New Feature system coming soon.

Started by MhmadFarajalla 2018-11-15 at 05:49

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2018-11-15 at 05:49

Hi dear members,

We have new plans updates and improvements as following:
* Direct referrals commission on clicks, offers, ptp, ads exchange & mining changed to 5%(Standard), 8%(Golden), 10%(Emeralrd), 15%(Diamon), 20%(Ultimate).

* Rented referrals clicks commissions didn't changed.
* Unlimited direct referrals for all memberships.
* Required daily 4 clicks got removed.
* Minimum withdrawal for premium members decreased to $1.00 and the fixed fee of extra $1.00 on the next withdrawal got removed, Also Standard members will always stay at $5.00 minimum without extra $1 increase in the next withdrawal.
* Points got removed from ads and Grid.
* Auto withdrawal enabled for Standard members, Also we have 4 withdrawal systems at the moment: Mining withdraw, PTP withdraw, The main balance withdraw and Exchange withdraw, The minimum amount for mining withdrawal is $0.10, Minimum amount for PTP withdrawal is $1.00, Minimum amount for main balance withdrawal and Exchange withdrawal is $5.00, and $1.00 for premium users.
* Withdrawal system got updated in terms of notifictions, meaning that when a payment get sent successfully, the system will send you an email, same if the payment got canceled and refunded, it will also send you an email with the reason of the issue that caused the cancelation inculding a message in the inside messages system in your account, you can also check all the issues and reasons in the withdrawal history section from your account.

* We are considering lowering the minimum withdrawal for all members including Standard users to $1.00 as well in the near future (as soon as we can).

*  Updates got added to the upgrade page and the help page.

Also we were working in a new ads feature called Shrink ads, it will give our members unlimited amount of daily ads ranging from $0.001 and above, Standard members will benifit from this feature the most specially with lowering the minimum withdrawal to $1.00 in the near future a long with offers and mining so they can reach there minimum withdrawal and test our sites paying condition in a matter of days upon registeration.

We will be working next on uniting all forums in to one forum for all our sites instead of having a forum for each site individually to make it easier to check news and issues for both of us me and you.

Best Regards,
Viclix Admin,